Born in São Ludgero municipality, district of the city of Tubarão in Santa Catarina state, Brazil. His formal schooling took place in Rio Grande do Sul state also in Brazil.

He graduated in Science, Philosophy and Theology at Universities in Europe – Innsbruck (Austria), Valkenburg (Holland) and Naples (Italy).

Returning to Brazil, he worked as a teacher, lecturer and writer. He published about 100 books on Science, Philosophy and Religion, edited by Editora Vozes (Petrópolis), Editora Globo (Porto Alegre), Livraria Freitas Bastos (Rio de Janeiro), União Cultural, Fundação Alvorada (São Paulo), among others and currently edited by Martin Claret Editora (São Paulo).

A prolific writer, the books listed are the: Universal Collection Philosophy, Philosophy of the Gospel, Philosophy of Life, Nature’s Mysteries, Biography and Brochures.

Some of Huberto Rohdens books have been translated into Esperanto and some in Braille. Currently studies to translate his works into Spanish and English.

Jesuit priest at the beginning of his literary career and pioneered the introduction of transcendentalism in Brazil. His broad academic scholarship allowed him to write a mosaic of thoughts giving emphasis to free self-realization of man, metaphysics, mystics and universalistic spiritualism.

Its uniqueness in writing is due to his rich creation of neologisms (new words and phrases).

Rohden was not affiliated with any church, sect or political party. He founded and directed the worldwide movement  ALVORADA  based in São Paulo, Brazil.

From 1945 to 1946 he received a scholarship for scientific research at the University of Princeton, New Jersey, USA, where he lived with Albert Einstein and laid the foundation for the worldwide movement of Universal Philosophy , based on the thought and life of  humans forming the Universe itself, showing the affinity between Mathematics, Metaphysics and Mystic.

In 1946, Huberto Rohden was invited by the American University in Washington, DC, to be head of the chairs of Universal Philosophy and Comparative Religion, a position that he held for five years.

During the last war he was invited by The American Affairs Bureau in Washington, DC, to be part of the body of translators of war news, from English to Portuguese. At the American University in Washington, he founded the Brazilian Center in order to maintain cultural exchange between Brazil and the United States. At that time the Honorary President of that Center was Mr. Nereu Ramos (a former Brazilian President).

 In Washington, DC,  Rohden attended for three years the Golden Lotus Temple, where he was initiated into Kriya Yoga by Swami Premananda, director of that Hindu Ashram.

By the end of his stay in the United States, Rohden was invited to join the faculty of the new International Christian University (ICU) of Metaka, Japan, in order to be the head master of the chairs of Universal Philosophy and Comparative Religions, but due to the Korean war, the Japanese University was not inaugurated, and Rohden returned to Brazil. In São Paulo he was appointed professor of Philosophy at the University Mackenzie, a position which he not occupied due to the evangelical character of it which contradicted his free religious thought.

In 1952, he established the Cultural and Beneficent Alvorada Institution , holding courses on Universal Philosophy, and Philosophy of the Gospel and directed Ashrams in several cities in Brazil.

In 1969, Huberto Rohden undertook study trips and spiritual experiences through Palestine, Egypt, India and Nepal, conducting several conferences with groups of yogis in India.

In 1976, Rohden was invited to travel to Portugal to give lectures about self-knowledge and self-realization. In Lisbon he established another Center for Self-Realization Alvorada.

In the late years of the 70’s  Rohden took up residence in the capital of São Paulo state, where he remained some days a week, writing and rewriting his books, the final texts. Three days a week at the Ashram used to spend in contact with nature, planting trees, flowers or working on his honey house with his bellowed bees.

When in São Paulo city  Rohden attended periodically his ALVORADA publisher, responsible for publishing his books, giving them inspiration and cultural orientation.

Fundamentally, all the educational and philosophical works of Rohden are divided into four segments, the headquarters of the Self-Realization Center in Sao Paulo city, the Ashram situated 70 km from the capital, the publisher ALVORADA (Martin Claret) that spreads on its books, the Universal Philosophy and a group of dedicated and faithful friends who work on the consolidation and continuation of its educational ideals.

On the 7th of October, 1981, after a long stay in a naturist clinic in São Paulo, Professor Huberto Rohden departed from this world and from the conviviality of his friends and disciples. His last words while in the conscious state were: “I’m in the service of humanity”. He was 87 years old.

Rohden leave for future generations a legacy of worship and an example of faith and work only compared to the great men of the last century.

One of his frequent remarks… that his ideas were not infallible truths and expected his readers to grant him the same freedom of thought and conscience he demands it for himself. He never arrogated absolute fatherhood of it and said in all his books that is possible that other people’s ideas, read or heard, have formed a substrate in his subconscious, emerging here and there as if they were his sole mental creation. “Who can guarantee us the extent to which our ideas are unique to us? There will be thoughts entirely mine or yours?”.

 Flávio de Mello

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  1. Posted by Helga on 08/11/2014 at 22:28

    I have read little by Huberto Rohden and was very impressed by him. What I could not understand was that he was so little known here in Brazil instead of being a famous person. I knew nothing about him, when I read one of his books there were no computers to research anything on. Now that I read a bit about him, I am very happy for him that at least outside this country he was born in, he was recognized and respected. Thank you for this info on this wise man!


    • Bom saber Helga. Você leu em português? Conhece o blog em inglês? Third Heaven. Seria bom você fazer seu comentário lá, pois o Flávio irá saber respondê-la. Abraço.


  2. Posted by Huberto Monteiro Meu padrinho Huberto Rohden on 23/01/2018 at 9:01

    So comentar erro didatico bellowed bees deve ser escrito beloved bees, obrigado



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