Below are the translation/adaptation from the excerpts of the book  Roteiro Cósmico by Huberto Rohden on subjects that will help to understand the theme about LOVE.

Flavio de Mello – from China


“Be tolerant of other religions and ideologies, it looks great compliment to many when, in fact, is an attitude rather reprehensible, although better than intolerance. What many consider to be tolerant is the following: I am the truth, you’re in mistake, but as I am a good guy and peaceful, I generously tolerate your mistakes, doing so I am tolerant.

This kind of tolerance is, at heart, pride and hypocrisy.

But when one comprehends that each individual has a unique path towards the truth, and that each one has the right and duty to follow the path that matches better with his own individual character,  then do not despise nor  tolerate their fellow travelers that tread other paths.

Just as the various colors of a prism are all manifestations of the one colorless light, and no color has the right to dismiss others as being wrong, the red, green, blue, etc.. are all complementary effects of a single cause of colorless light …

Where there is true comprehension of truth intolerance and  tolerance will end…”


“How often we face this enigma:  we want to make someone comprehend a great truth, and not succeeded, this could prevent him from an existential tragedy – but he does not understand us …

Why not?

Because this person has not suffered the pains of childbirth properly and therefore cannot give birth to offspring of true redemption.  It lacks from a primary factor and no one can take this redemptive blow which must come from within himself …

For man to see the stars of heaven, he must first descend to the depths of hell, a hell of suffering, acceptance and comprehension …

Only when facing the terrible contrast of darkness is that man sees the light.

Everything egotism created of terrifying on earth, war, devastation, tragedy, misery, anguish, death, for all this man has to pass before the prodigal son matures to the great outbreak of the kingdom of God.

In fact, mankind accepts only what he himself suffers and experiences in the deepest depths of its being. There is no conversion from advice of friends, only the tragic dilemma of to be or not to be will change his course.

Is the crisis redemption …

Mankind only really understand what he himself suffered in anguish and happiness.

When I meet someone redeemed by its suffering I feel that I’m facing a new world of unprecedented grandeur and beauty and I have no desire to talk, analyse, think.  Only to be silent, to admire, to enjoy, to love…

Such man is redeemed.  No one becomes converted through beautiful words or elevated thoughts.  Only converts who entered the field of a deified man magnetized by comprehending the liberating truth.”

PS. Mais um exercício de tradução/adaptação de texto de Rohden para ser postado em seu blog com a finalidade de levar aos seus leitores de língua inglesa um pouco mais de conhecimento desse mágico das palavras e de ideal.

Flavio de Mello

Estas traduções e adaptações feitas por este brasileiro que mora do outro lado da terra serão sempre benvindas em meu blog.

A lingua inglesa é a mais conhecida no mundo. E este mesmo mundo que hoje se volta para as soluções do planeta precisa conhecer filósofos como Huberto Rohden.


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  1. Posted by nei fernandes on 19/06/2012 at 17:07

    Sugiro divulgar os videos do youtube de Rohden no programa da Xenia Bier como:


    • Excelente ideia! Se tivesse vídeo. Pena que só temos áudio. Não havia video cassete há 34 anos. A Bandeirantes fazia o programa ao vivo. A não ser que alguém descubra na Band algum tape.



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